Wednesday, June 22, 2016


तू जब चलेगी, तेरे क़दमों की आहट बनूँगा ।
तू जब हसेगी, तेरे हँसी की गूँज बनूँगा ।
तू जब सवरेगी, तेरे चहरे पे तिल बनूँगा ।
तू जब ज़ुल्फ़ें खोलेगी, फ़िज़ा बन कर उनसे खेलूँगा  ।

तेरी हर सास में हवा बन,
तेरी हर आस की दुआ कर,
तेरे हर पल की गवा बन,
तेरे पास ही रहूँगा, तेरे साथ ही जियूँगा, तेरे साथ ही मरूँगा । 

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Now for something different. 
We present our first short-film by Karma Productions. 
A monumental undertaking by our team Jai Gupta, Chaitanya Kvk, Teja Swaroop, Rakesh Soma
Please watch share and subscribe.
Hope you have a smile at the end of it .
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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hey country, how have you come to this!!

Hey country, how have you come to this!

When I was a child,
you were green fields, clean streets, smiling officials and 
the smell of camphor in evenings at a bustling temple

Now you are the noose of a dead farmer,

the slum of litter, piss and spit,
the irate face behind the counter and
the blood of stampede at the feet of a stone figure

When I was a child,
you were the majestic buddha overlooking a clear blue lake,
the white dove of love, seated on the banks of Yamuna
the four yellow minars shooting up in the sky, amidst a bustling city

Now you are the floating garbage and the green water with foul smell I have to cross through to get to you

the oil refinery, turning your feathers grey with it's venomous vomit and
the city that is painting you red from inside (with pan masala) and black from outside (with vehicle exhausts)

When I was a child,
you were the open ground in my town, where I used to fall
while pedaling the bicycle or while running to catch the ball

Now you are the parking lot of a shopping mall
while Sikandar dashes through the streets and Iqbal has got no place to bowl at all!

When I was a child,
you were a lady clad in a saffron-sari, sitting on a lion, holding a tri-color flag

Now you run stripped naked while the lion chases you,
hugging the torn flag to cover your body

When I was a child,
you were a potpourri of liquid colors dancing together

Now those colors are solid dry with borders of red in-between

When I was a child, I was an Indian
Now I am a brahmin, a hindu, a telanganite and a telugu

Hey country, how have you come to this!!